Its time to renew your membership for 2022!

Work side by side with like minded people to help develop new ideas for positive impact and do good things for our local community.

When you join ARRWF you automatically become a member of CFRW, California Federation of Republican  Women, and NFRW, National Federation of Republican Women.   A portion of your dues pays for a Legislative Advocate in our Sacramento office.  The Federation takes a position on such issues as  Aging,  Agriculture, Education,  Election Laws,  Family Issues,  Health and Law Enforcement.

ARRWF has regular monthly educational meetings, stimulating speakers, a monthly newsletter, varied community activities and interesting committees. This is an opportunity to get involved and help make a difference in our community!

types of Memberships:

Active Membership, $40

For any woman registered in the Republican Party who pays the required annual dues, and is not a voting member of another federated unit club.

ARRWF Active Membership

Includes online processing fees.


Associate Membership, $20

For any woman who is an active member of another federated unit club, or any man registered in the Republican Party, who pays the required annual dues.

Associate Membership shall not grant the privilege of making motions, nominations, voting, holding club office or serving as convention delegates; nor shall they be counted in establishing a quorum.

ARRWF Associate Membership

Includes online processing fees.